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If you're a teenage girl and you didn't watch MTV's "Life of Ryan," when you got home from school, then what is your problem? Ryan Allen Sheckler remains to this day, one of my top 10 athletic crushes. Ranking alongside men like Chris Bosch, Michael Jordan (yeah he's old, but he dunks, DUH!) Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Matthew Morison, Sidney Crosby and a few more. But I mean really, this man skateboards, loves his family and has tattoos, DROOL! The only problem is he's like 5" tall, so heels are a no go when on dates with this man. He also dresses like a skateboarder; oversized shirts, backwards hats and skinny jeans, No thanks. Whatever, there could be worse things!

Born on December 30th, Ryan's father quickly realized Ryan's love for skateboarding and soon Ryan began competing and winning in many of the local skate competitions shortly after Ryan had gone pro! Some of Ryan's sponsor's range from Red Bull, Etnies, Oakley, Plan B and more!

The Ryan Sheckler not the Justin Beiber ... be honest here people! 

x - the Collector

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