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Azzedine Alaïa
His love for couture began with help from his twin sister, with a little extra push from a close friend, Alaïa went to study sculpture. After completion of school, continued on to assist in fashion houses such as Christian Dior, Guy Laroche and finally Thierry Mulger. By 1980 Alaïa was ready to spread his wings, he then created his first ready-to-wear collection. The French Ministry of Culture awarded him with an award and soon names like Grace Jones were sporting his creations.
“Alïa remains the king. He is smart enough to not only care about having people talk about him. He only holds fashion shows when he has something too show. On his own time frame. Even when Prada owned him, he remained free and did what he wanted to do.” – Catherine Lardeur

Thea Bregazzi & Justin Thorton
This dynamite, didactic designing duo have been creating world-renowned collections together, and by 1996, Preen, took her official title. By 2007 Preen walk down both British and American runways. From a small shop on Portobello Rd. to being sold in over 25 different countries Preen has made quite the name for herself.
“We still love all the Victoriana but we’ve moved it on to more chic, paired-down sexy. We always use the previous collection as a base for the new one. Put a last season dress on a mannequin, add a blouse and there’s a new look. – Thea

Georgina Chapman & Keren Craig
With Georgina’s flawless draping and design techniques, partnered with Keren’s innovative textile creations this designing partnership was a match made in fashion heaven. For only being established since 2004, these two have been on the fast track to stardom. Using Marchesa Casiti (a 19th century aristocrat) as their creative influence, celebrities such as Rhianna, Olivia Wilde, Miley Cyrus, Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Lopez and many more, have fallen for her flowing, flouncy, fascination.
“We’re women designing for women. We know how they feel in a beautiful dress. That’s our focus right now.” – Georgina Chapman

Giles Deacon
His autumn/winter collection a London Fashion Week was a feathery, flirtatious, frenzy. The audience heartstrings were being pulled in all directions. Giles was established in 2004, before that Deacon earned his notability by designing for Gucci and Bottega Veneta. The ‘Giles’ label carries sophistication by taking unlikely prints and pop culture references to create his one of a kind  collections.
“Hopefully if you saw someone wearing one of our frocks you’d think she looks quite interesting to have a chat with and say hello to. They’re a bit ‘we’re on, we’re out, we mean business’” – Giles Deacon

Dianna Argon

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