Demi Lovato
Some of you may recognize this American beauty from your Barney day's or better yet Camp Rock. Some might know her from her bustling music carrer, but I know her because of her punk-pretty style. Demetria Devonne Lovato is one gorgeous woman. She's musically gifted, she acts form the heart and dresses from the soul.

From summer 2007 to fall of 2008 Demi landed lead roles in both Disney's  'Camp Rock' and 'Sunny With A Chance' and signed a record contract with Hollywood Records, from there her movie/TV/music career took flight. In 2008 Demi's debut album released selling 89,000 copies in the first week. In 2009 Demi began touring her second album 'Here We Go Again' which ranked #1 on the Billboards 200 list. In 2011 she released her third album 'Unbroken' creating a more R&B inspired sound. Her music is her passion and you can see it when she preforms. The joy that exudes from her smile sends shivers down my spine.

Demi also has great style. She incorporates the 60's 70's and 80's into her look, creating an edgy feminine look. She's curvy and she loves it, she adds tights so the world can see her body, she'll never shy away from a great jacket or blazer. Who doesn't like studded garments, just don't hug anyone too hard. All in all Demi Lovato can wear anything, she's beautiful and bodacious with ever changing hair. Don't be afraid to be who you are, no matter what shape or size.

Miley and Demi

x- the Collector

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