Allison Harvard


She defiantly creeps, but there is no doubt in my mind that she'll grow into becoming one of fashion strangest and most interesting models. We all fell in love with Allison when Tyra Banks introduced her in 2005 during America's Next Top Model she quickly become the most interesting and controversial character on the show. Her buggy blue eyes and baby doll face was something that the judges had difficulty with. She captivates the camera from the shoulders up, but from the chest down she was a complete disaster. Fortunately, for Allison during cycle 12, she nailed many of her photo shoots but came runner-up during the 'All-Stars' round.

Allison has continued to model and was featured on the cover of One and WeTheUrban Magazines. This year Allison Harvard walked for Gemma Kahng and Malan Berton during New York Fashion Week. Models can come in all forms and personalities, some like blood and having the brilliant blue eye and everything in between, we look forward to what Allison Harvard will do next, she's certainly a character to look out for.

Gemma Kahng 

x - the Collector 

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