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I love flipping through magazines and seeing the different style columns and this week I picked up an old Glamour magazine and stumbled upon a column on the Kate's of Hollywood. Normally celebrities aren't my favorite, I usually stick to designers, but every writer hast to pay their dues.

Runway model and fashion icon Kate Moss loves the edgy look. Kate usually carries leather and is rarely seen without her sunnies. Never the less this edgy and eclectic model/designer can put almost every look on the front of any magazine

The royal family has never interested me a day in my life, but when Prince William married fashion forward Kate I now find myself bowing at the presence of style greatness. The lovely Duchess of Cambridge has an elegant unique style. She's slim with legs for decades and always has the perfect clutch to match.

Although not one of my favorite actors, Kate Bosworth can make me smile with her style. Bosworth has made the Top Gun bomber jacket her trademark and does well portraying the classic runway suave look.
At Burberry Prorsum  A/W 2012

Max Mara made an excellent choice when he casted Katie Holmes for the various campaigns. Jeans and all, Katie can put the good Old Navy denim to use, dressing them up with jeans or going out for coffee with a plain white tee, either way she does well in all the jeans she wears.
Victoria Backham and Katie Holmes 

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