Born this Way


Stefani Germanotta has been one for the most influential musicians of our time. Her look, voice and choice of sound has been on the tip of everyones tongue since her life began. During her Catholic school days, Stefani was mocked and rebuked by her peers for being over the top. By the time NYU approached Stef had shed her uniform and began following her heart despite what others thought or said.

By 2006 Stefani had terminated her university years in order to follow her dreams. Soon after Wendy Starland had scouted her, Stefani went from common name to stage name 'Lady Gaga.' In 2008 Lady Gaga released her first, of many, chart topping singles. 'Just Dance' off 'The Fame' album, then a year later 'Bad Romance,' 'Telephone,' and 'Alejandro' smashed the billboards and from there Lady Gaga embarked on her first world tour. Her 'Born this Way' album released in 2011 topping charts all over the world and in 2012 Lady Gaga grossed at over $25million.

Not only is the new queen of pop taking fashion advice form Michael Jackson, the worlds favorite talking frog and a meat packing company but she's also strutting down the runway. In March 2011 Gaga walked the Parisian runway for Tierry Mulger. She was also named of the the 'All-Time 100 Fashion Icons' by Time Magazine. Although her fashion isn't like most, she brings haute couture to life. I believe Alexander McQueen would be proud to see his collection and inspiration on the street. Lady Gaga is an iconic and highly esteemed by fashion's elite, her style is outrageous, in it is beauty and gives insight into her crazy mind. She's a visionary and although not my favorite musician or style go-to, I applaud her for standing out and being reckless despite media shenanigans, Stefani is both creative and innovative. Her music speaks that 'you are who you are' giving hope to the strange, and normal people that we are. Lady Gaga's style is preposterous, but incredible haute couture, I tip my hat to New Yorks finest.

Tierry Mugler

x- the Collector

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