Anton Yelchin


Born in the Soviet Union in 1989 Anton Yelchin starred in his first role in 'A Time to Dance' in 2000. Anton is my personal celebrity crush, winning that award when he portrayed Nicholas Markowitz in 'Alpha Dog.' After that gripping and heart retching role, Anton left a permanent hole in my heart. Yelchin always plays a quirky character with a heart of gold. From 2000-2013 Anton has been in 27 different motion pictures. In 2002 he won his first award, receiving the 'Young Artist Award' for his work in 'Heart of Atlantis', then again in 2009 winning the 'Boston Society of Film Critics Award' for his role as Pavel Chekov in Star Treck. I Adore Anton and praise his wonderful acting talent, starting so young and growing into a world renowned actor, Anton Yelchin's career can only rise form here on out.

Star Treck

'Like Crazy'

Anton and Robert Downy Jr. in 'Charlie Bartlett' 

x- the (drolling) Collector

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