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Me :"What made you open the bookstore." 
Bookstore owner : "I've always loved books. I used to fish and dive but now I want the shore life to keep me out of crazy weather. I also love the smell of fresh ink on a page and the texture of the novel in my hands." 

Books are thoughts; words and ideas put onto paper and expressed to people. Books can be of anything you want them to be; memoirs, stories, fiction, erotica whatever ails the writer and the reader. Writers are subjected to freedom of speech and the use of a language. Thoughts as well as dialect are strung together into poetic verse and given flight. Being a journalist there are so many things we are able to do. We can morph ideas into reality and create simple, elegant, structured silliness on a page. What better pleasure in the world is there? 

Photo's by Rachel Bosch 

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