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Chanel Reseort 2013

You can always count on Karl Lagerfeld to put on a show. Many designers are adding a 'Resort' collection to their repertoire and Mr. Lagerfeld, who never shy's away from a challenge, is doing just so. Ordaining his collection where only the most prestigious individuals sampled only the finest wines, Louis XIV and Mary Antoinette, Lagerfeld had everyone dressed for just such an occasion. Certainly wouldn't be a show without the rudimentary bashing of MIA's voice as the runway hymn, never the less, no one judges excellence.

Marie Antoinette would have tickled herself pink gazing at Lagerfelds collection. Let's not forget about the shinny metallic sneakers, or moonboots if you prefer, their simply ghastly, but perfect for a little extra shimmer.

Lagerfelds Chanel Resort Collection looked like a bomb had exploded in a candy store covering everyone in a sticky, gooey mess of couture. The bow tied ponytails, gold glazed frocks, sequins fringe and everything fluffy, a perfect Candyland. Cute tennis skirts and short shorts with matching, detail oriented jackets, were just some of the pieces hitting the cobble stone runway. Painstaking attention to detail from head to foot could be seen by the blind. Even the 'fashion mole' was Chanel oriented  This collection is perfect for the European adventurous. Wether yachting in the Mediterranean, or romantically floating down the gorge, this Resort Collection is awe inspiring, breathtaking and darn right darling.

Some of the most luxe Hollywood and fashionable individuals were at the fashion show. 
Vanessa Paridis 

Laura Bailey

Rabecca Scheraz

Tilda Swinton

Now wearing the collection.
Emma Stone

Diane Kruger

x- the Collector

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