Happy Birthday Paisley


Paisley Prints

One of  fashion’s most interesting prints that has appeared again this season. Only the brave and diligent designers took on such a noble print, and only a few succeeded with ease and structure.

Stella McCartney was one such designer brave enough to use this pattern. She concurred this audacious print with vigor. For Spring Summer 2012, Stella took the loud print and tamed it by using a serine palate. She also brought the pajama look back into style. The creation looks comfortable, classy, practical and with a pump, adds a pop of sophistication. All in all, a hit both on and off the runway.

Jil Sander created an elegant paisley sheath dress, as well as a cotton poplin pouch for spring summer 2012. Both look effortless and chic, but not too loud and with a hint of sexy. Poplin is a print that has to be done with strength behind the design, and she did just that. Paisley requires a shine and simplicity or else we get tired of looking at the piece, but in Jil Sander’s case, the creations were not outrageous, but calm and tranquil; perfect for pushing a stroller or afternoon tea.

Etro’s paisley-print dress reminds me of Sophia Loren in ‘Sunflower.’ The color tone of the movie carries over into the print. Nicole Richie wore a stunning Etro Paisley dress on the Regis & Kelly show, she looked darling without blinding the audience. The outfit was a perfect way for her to incorporate her bohemian vibe. The whole ensemble together was an exquisite match for both her personality and the show.

Versace brought back their love for the highly underestimated prints. The paisley came back to the runway in 100% silk. Pink, silk, and paisley, who knew all three could lead to such a stunning piece. I certainly didn’t, and I would whole-heartedly adorn such apiece.

One of my favorite designers; Haider Ackerman designed a pair of woven-Jacquard Oxfords. The shoes are exquisite yet so simple, they aren’t loud, they're sublet and unique. A perfect shoe for strolling the streets or enjoying a runway show; everyone will be longing to photograph you and catch a glimpse at such a vivacious shoe and give praise to the designer.

So this season, don’t shy away from  this new pattern. Don’t be afraid of the amount of volume that it holds, but pair it with something softer and gentler. Paisley isn’t for the meek of fashion, but for the bold and the strong. Don’t fear the unknown but embrace it with passion, who knows you might just fall in love, nurture it and escort her gracefully into your wardrobe.

Christopher Bane for Versace

Solange in Stella McCartney

Alexa Chung in Haider Ackerman

Beyonce in Haider Acherman

Nichole Richie in Etro

Jil Sander


Pants , Stella McCartney

Happy fashion
x- the Collector. 

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