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Some women would never be caught dead in the same bathing suit they wore to the pool then to the yacht club. However, for those of us who still work for minimum wage, thousand dollar bathing suits and yachting adventures are only seen on Gossip Girl. So, in order to get bang for your buck you must put in time and effort into the right attire that suits you.

When looking for a bathing suit there are a few things to keep in mind, the 4 w’s perhaps.
-       Who will be seeing you in it; if it’s Uncle Bob and his fishing buddies, then think modesty.
-        What will you be doing in it; if laying on the beach you won’t want something with too many crazy lines and straps, they may look cute but the tan lines won’t be.
-       Where will you be wearing it; the local pool filled with babies and toddlers might not be the best for stringy bikini’s, one tug and you’ve lost your top.
-       When are you going to be in it, while in Mexico or at home base, make sure too find something that fits. If you are bodacious and falling out in any way shape or form, it will be awkward for everyone. If you’re voluptuous might I suggest covering up a bit more, have you more of a curvy body, no harm in showing it off, but modesty is the best policy, especially with men around.

Remember find something that fits, that’s comfortable and that shows off your sense of style. Bathing suits are meant to be worn while swimming, so make sure yours stays on. Keep in mind your surroundings and whom you’ll be with. The most important thing is to remember to love your body and be comfortable with it. No harm in showing off the curves but remember, modesty goes a long way!
Candice Swanepole for Victoria's Secret

Dolce & Gabbana 2012

Chanel resort 2012

Chanel couture 2012

Meow !!!

Prada 2012

 ps: don't forget your sunscreen. 
Happy fashion

x- the Collector 

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