The Batman Rises, and falls


Went and saw Batman Rises recently and here are my thoughts on the movie.

The two prior to this one were good; the second "The Dark Knight" was my personal favorite, although we lost Heath Leger in the process. The first one was good, but just the beginning. However, the Batman Rises through in a small twist that made no change to the movie and didn't cause my heart to stir or my mind to be boggled. 

Christian Bale is not a personal favorite of mine; he's rude and haughty in every movie that he's in. He always acts stuck up and has no shine in his eye. Although he does look incredible in Armani suits he doesn't captivate my heart in his Batman attire.

Anne Hathaway as 'Catwoman,' just looks wrong. She is meant to fall in love, and play the sweet innocent girl. She's not what you would call "badass" in any way. I am really shocked she was chosen for the part to tell you the truth. They needed a woman who carries an edge; Anne is pleasant and brings you flowers when she comes to visit. Too 'daddy's little girl' for my liking. 

Tom Hardy played 'Bane' and did an excellent job. Although you couldn't see his mouth he did well. I had a hard time hearing and getting annunciation from the mask on his face, but overall I found his menacing size and shaved head to be rather alluring and applaud the casting choice. 

Marion Cottilard took the role as 'Miranda.' She's a beautiful woman but didn't captivate me at all throughout the story. She was just ordinary and had no introduction to her character and although her role changed near the end it didn't grip me at all. 

In Dior

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was 'Blake' and a good thing at that. The man is easy on the eyes and looks great in a tie. He was a strong character and held the story together nicely. YAY !

Of course Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine were my two favorites. One wears bow tie and the other's name is Alfred, how much more adorable could it get ? 

All together I give the movie a 6/10. Not earth shattering, but not horrible. Just meh !

x- the Collector.

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