Thank you Usher for discovering this young talent. Justin Drew Beiber was found on Youtube in 2008 and became a worldwide heartthrob and musical sensation from day one. Personally I am not a fan of the Beibs but I can understand the attraction. In 2009 J Beib's "My World" album was the first to hit the Billboard Top 100 list with 7 songs. In 2011 Justin released his self-titled movie, in 3D, why anyone would want to see him in 3 demention is beyond me. The film grossed over $30.3 million in one weekend. Justin Beiber, now 18, has done very well for himself, including earning the heart of "Wizards or Waverly Place" Selena Gomez. Selling billions of albums, starring in several TV series and even educating himself in the fashion world. Justin's look consist of "street wear" with the occasional Armani Suit. Beiber has swagger and continues to "keep it real" with his backwards hat, Ray Ban sunglasses, and oversized chains. Way to go Canadian boy, represent yo hood the best way you know how. 

x - the Collector 

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