Back to School Nece$sities


Going back to school can be terrifying. Especially if it has been a while!
Walking down the hallway to your class, heart pounding, finding your seat and getting comfortable.  One thing that should be on point, is your personal presentation.

Walking into class and having funky B.O and or bad breath shouldn't hold you back. My personal favorite formula for keeping my underarms soft, smooth and odor free is my Baxter of California deodorant. I enjoy the gentle citrus and herbal musk blend, it's also not overpowering. It doesn't leave color or stains on my clothing and I feel fresh all day. For  the fantastic breath, I brush and swish with my Marvis toothpaste and mouthwash. I even own the matching all black toothbrush *cue eye roll.* 

As far as notebooks I like to go all out! I find something from Dollaramma and bling it out! On the inside, I write down three major goals and a few extra things I want to do. Whether it be for the class or personal and finally I tape a TTC token to the inside. You never know when you could need it. 

I'm so excited to be going back to school! I'm returning to George Brown to finish my styling certificate. I took a class last year and enjoyed it. My instructor was incredible, I find myself reviewing my work and reminiscing. Best believe I'm nervous to return to school but don't worry I know I'll be the best smelling classmate! 


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