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Its been a while since you've been in my closet, I'm so sorry.

There are always new things happening in my life. I've opened a new Instagram account for HisCollectionsTO, and now I've been getting ready for the new year, and trying to get in three square meals a day. Where does the time go?

I've decided to change things up, I've been wearing vibrant floral's, crazy patterns and frumpy jackets, but I've decided to tighten things up. For a while now, I've been wanting to reinvent my style, make things more exciting and carefree. I need to have versatility in my wardrobe and be able to easily dress myself without flustering over "how much colour is too much!"

Toronto is a crazy city and some people will take your "vibrancy" as cockiness, sometimes it is, other times it's simply an expression of ones mood. Whatever your reasoning, find inspiration from what makes you happiest.

skirt - River Island
sweater - TSOQ
- photo by Free Admition

x - the Collector

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