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There are some people that the Good Lord puts in your life to be there for your every thing(s). That woman is my girl Marissa, the crazy Jamaican-Asian who never ceases to amaze me, create with me and laugh at me when I'm funny!

Marissa and I met by chance. She was in a boutique for an interview and her and I connected on a whole new level. Then a few months went back and we ran into each other at an event in the city and again we had a brief conversation by the Lord wasn't done with us yet. A few months later I moved from The Beaches to the West end and was feeling the need to thrift. While I was canoodling through the many racks at the local Thrift Shop this chick out of nowhere swoops in and snags my top! I was livid until I saw it was SHE!

Damn that woman, she is holding my top, I wasn't sure whether to beat her or to stomp on her … "oh, girl cute shoes!" and that was that. We were hooked. She was my idea of a vintage long dress with a tight waist and a cute design, just in a human; perfect!

Since that day at the thrift shop I call on Ms. Rissa for just about everything. Men, clothes, shoes, accessories, events, parties, you name it we are there and we are always the best dressed!

x - the Collector 

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