Block Party


Sunday's are always up in the air. Plans are made and fall through, but this week everything went smoothly. I woke up earlier than I normally do, and spent most of the morning reading blogs and sipping tea in my bed. After checking the weather report I leafed through my wardrobe and found my nude dress and put it on. From there I added some head jewelry and there, my ensemble was created.

People either love your style or they think its ridiculous, and that day I had so many mixed emotions from people, but best thing about it is I had a great friend alongside me. Not only did she rock her own crazy couture, but as a team we looked smashing [ if I do say so myself ! ]

After a long complicated walk down the Bellwoods block party we began investigating the accessories and clothing and we both came to the same conclusion; Toronto is so safe. Even at a crazy, out door block party, everyone's jewellery looked similar and easy, the clothing was interesting but nothing that grabbed my attention, but eh, this is Canada.  Anyway, hopefully next months party will be crazier and I pray they have the same DJ because he was AWESOME!

x - the Collector
Will Smiths block parties are legendary ! 

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