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As you  may know I have a never ending crush on bow - ties and neckwear on men. For some reason the moment I see a fantastic tie on a gentlemen I think to myself "where is my camera?" The best thing about social media these days is it can help open your eyes to so many different companies. Low and behold, through twitter I came across Tie Society; a menswear website and collection created by two friends with a passion for menswear fashion. Otis and Zac decided to swap ties over beer and football and soon with a little help from 500 Startups these two tie enthusiasts were bustling online.

Its very similar to Bag Borrow or Steal, but for menswear ! I LOVE IT!

The minute I found them I began surfing through their inventory and have been head over heels ever since! Please by all means check them out and don't forget to sign up if you're looking for a marvellous, inexpensive way to look dapper, keep your style fresh and keep the smile on your face Tie Society is just what you're looking for!

10th person to tweet why they love Tie Society will receive 50% off for their first months membership! 
Don't forget to tweet me too!! 

*Winner to be announced!*

x - the *tie* Collector

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