Gucci Men


Gucci men reminds me of the military man at Pearl Harbour, wearing floral patterns and a well fitted trouser, a perfect look if one had to drop everything and run. Nothing like a little Gucci, this collection is outstanding [as usual] nerdy and chic all at the same time, a great look for a next season. vibrant pants and a modest color palette; this collection is handsome, with easy, straight-cut jackets and simple shoes

Gucci also does great accessories for men. Frida Giannini [creative director]  shoes' are simple, the backpacks and handbags are just what the doctor ordered. A man can carry his books and gym clothes in a stylish way. This whole collection, from top to bottom was a success. I'm excited to see the collection in stores come spring!

                                                                   x - The Collector

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