Suit Up or Step Out!


I find a lot of men shy away from wearing colors and patterns. When it comes to fashion and dress, it is so important to express yourself through texture, prints and well tailored garments; not just with pants, but also with accessories and baggage.

So many men walk around in black and navy suits and according to my research, businessmen don't trust others who wear color to the office. Ludacris right? Well, in this case, it is true and we need to change things from the inside out. So much of the time are we concerned with how we look to others that we forget to be ourselves and we've lost our curiosity for clothing. Making a business deal with someone shouldn't be about their clothing but by the content of their character and ability to sell whatever it is that you're interested in.

Men, shying away from prints and color shouldn't be happening, there are so many amazing shapes and styles that it's a shame the bravery is lacking.

- Suit up or step out!

Color blocking LFW 2013

Great Jacket! 

Roberto Cavalli 

x - the Collector

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