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For spring summer 2013 I have opted to reinvent myself. Of course I will be wearing my vintage and crazy couture but I plan on focusing my wardrobe towards the more feminie side. Once upon a time, believe it or not, I was more focused on whether my track pants had stains on them rather than Prada's latest collection. Not so long ago had I never heard of Karl Lagerfeld or Holt Renfrew, but alas as I grew into my age I quickly began realizng that I wasn't going to make team Canada. So here I am in love with the idea of all things feminine and pretty. However I tend to stay away from pastels and one tone pieces. My favourite ensembles always include loud, vibrant pieces, whether it be a jacket, crazy trousers or extreme jewelry. I never shy away from being a little -how sha'll we put it; over the top. By the time summer is upon us, I hope to feature a wardrobe that conisits mainly of maxi. I am short you see and anything I can do to make myself look taller would be helpful. Hopefully as the snow melts my maxi's will appear in my closet, vintage ones of course. Tag along for the ride it should be interesting. So tell me, what's going to be your staple in your wardobe this season, and why?! 

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