BV for Bottega Veneta


Titled: Venetian Atelier; Bottega Venta quickly rose to much success after its establishment in 1966. The structured craftsmanship from Michele Taddei and Renzo Zengiaro, known predominantly for their leather goods, the designing duo took flight and soon began taking the fashion world by storm. By 1970 both Taddei and Zengiaro had departed from the company leaving the brand to find a new wave. By the 90's the new owners Vittorio and Laura Mottedo took hold and brought the company back to life.

In 2001 the label was sold to Gucci Group and Tomas Maire was named creative director and gave life, once again, to the spring summer 2002 collection. With such an impressive resume, Tomas gave the label the jumpstart it needed to get back in the game. Back in 2005 Bottega Venta showcased their first menswear collection. Now in 2013 Bottega Venta is housed in over 140 countries showcasing leather goods, eyewear, luggage, home decor, ready-to-wear and seasonal collections. Many highs and lows for this company but with the help and guidance of her many designers, Bottega Venta will continue to climb to the top of couture mountain.

Menswear 2002

Menswear 2013


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