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As a youth in the early 2000's I grew up with a constant need to have a watch. Before I could remember, my mother had sat me down and taught me how to tell time on an analogue clock and ever since I have had an obsession with telling time. Not only are clocks rhythmic and soothing when you're tired, but you can always be on time if one is near. Counting down the hour is something we begin to do at a young age. "10 seconds until blast off". So my love for clocks and time is something that I like to take with me. Ever since the cell phone came out I am seeing less and less watching on youths writs. I miss asking for the time and watching someone gaze down at their beautiful watch to tell you. Now people pull out their cell phone and read you off the digits off their digital clock.
When choosing a watch you must think of where you're going to wear it. If you're heading to the office, a day to day watch would be in order. Maybe for the weekends you wear a heavier watch, or when at a black tie event, a slim delicate watch that fits gingerly under your cuffs. Wearing your sports watch is not a good idea when wearing a suit [1] it's too bulky and heavy [2] it may not fit under the sleeves of your dress shirt. On the golf course a slick business watch may not be the best; seeing as sports watches are beginning to ad weather updates, a stopwatch and waterproofing just incase you hit into the lake. For men, wearing a watch is something that lacks in out day and age. Carrying the time for men used to be  a privilege in the early 20th century. Pocket watches were seen commonly on young gentlemen as well. Why have we lost that tradition?

During the summer I found my dad's watch that had been at the bottom of the drawer and I wore it while my parents were traveling; somehow it made me feel safer. Although there were one too many links and it flopped on my writs, I enjoyed it's constant reminder of my father. I, sadly don't wear that watch much now, I still think upon it with fond memories. 

SO, this summer, I am going to make it my goal to find a great character watch for myself. That is something that I haven't done in a really long time. I miss the feeling of looking on a watch and reading off the time. It's an only custom that I believe we should bring back. Time is so precious, why spend it staring at your cellar devise when you can look down at a beautiful wrist watch instead?!

x - the Collector

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