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LeRoy Garnnis Photography

The clothing you wear reflects your lifestyle, don't believe me? keep reading.

LeRoy Grannis is a passionate surfer and photographer, combining those two obsessions he's become known around the world as being one of the top surfer photographers of all time. New York Times labeled him as being the "grandfather of surf photography." During the 1960's Garnnis took to the sand and the streets capturing delightful and daring shots of gnarly surfers and crazy couture. It wasn't until half a decade later that Garnnis' photography caught on. LeRoy had a sensational eye for capturing his objects in all their brilliance; bright reds, aqua blues, sunset yellows and cheeky pinks. Surfers were head over heels for mixing textures and prints and LeRoy Garnnis was admit on capturing all the Sartorial Splendour both on and off the water.

Now that we turn to the 21st century fashion designers have eyed LeRoy's photos and have become elated with ideas. Louis Vuitton, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Bruun & Stengade, Prada and Chanel are all mesmerized by his love for clothing. Now we look to the runway where we find labels like Burberry Prorsum and Alexander McQueen and Mugler using Neoprene (wetsuits) in their collections. Who would have thought that one mans eye for West-Coast comfort could escalate to Calvin Klein and Marc Jacobs creating collections with the surfer in mind.

Familiar with Surfing Magazine? I'll have you know that LeRoy Garnnis is the founder and continued to ride the waves into 80's.

LeRoy Garnnis Photography

Salvatore Ferregamo Spring Summer 2013

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013

Banana Republic

Mugler Fall 2013

x - the Collector

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