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As you can probably tell I love handbags, and not just handbags but accessories. My closet is full of vintage pendents and frilly necklaces and a vast selection of clutches and purses. My favourite thing about nick knacks is they can help give volume and class to your ensemble and make you look less bland. Many of us, myself included, get a little cowardly when it comes to trinkets, we seem to stick with the mainstream look, the simple silver necklace of the gold bangles but we never really venture outside of our comfort zone and thats such a shame. Same thing goes for bags and hand candy, we never seem to go for the loud and proud it always has to match. The one thing that is fantastic about fashion and couture is that it never has to match, it just has to complete. Sometimes the best accessories are the ones that are just a little awkward, it gives people an excuse to stop a stare.

Take a moment and take into consideration Anna Dello Russo; if you've done any study on her style you would know that it almost never makes sense. Her couture is filled with fruit, stripes and plaid, feathers and leather and rarely do we ever comprehend what the outfit is, all we know is that it's fantastic and energetic.

Another woman we can think of is Daphne Guinness, a beautiful Irish woman with the strangest taste is couture. She loves the dark ages and it shows, everything from her hair to her shoes is obscure and sensational. Her design for the heeless shoe has been outstanding, you can see the influence she had on Alexander McQueen, even now after his passing we still come across the shoes in several of the collections.

An older woman in the fashion world who always seems to raise eyebrows is Anna Piaggi, an Italian fashion maven who's world revolves around the crazy. Like Daphne, Anna P's fashion begins at her hair, trickles down to her eyelashes and rests awkwardly at her feet, although she herself is not awkward, she dresses strange.

Fashion is one of those things that never has to be "just right." Of course there are some that refuse to be "normal;" Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry and many other celebrities. But you can never go wrong with having things just a little off kilter; that's what make style, fashion and couture worth while. Use crazy, loud and fascinating accessories to help spark conversation or add flare to your outfit. Being your own person is so much more fun when you can wear it on the outside. Give yourself some leniency towards your style, it's so much more fun to be colourful and creative than normal and subdued; that's what fashion is all about, being yourself on the outside and inside. Sometimes the best accessories are a bit awkward; it gives people an excuse to stare.


Daphne G

Anna P & Karl L

Anna DR

Anna DR in Louis V

Anna P

Daphne G and Rachel Z
Anna DR

Nicki M

Anna DR

young Anna P
x - the *crazy* collector

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