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Back in November, fashion lovers were stricken with grief when Nicolas Ghesquière left Balenciaga. After 15 incredible years the fashion house had “sucked Nicolas dry.” Following the article in Vogue we came to the realizations that being a creative director is an extremely difficult and tiring job.
            “ Your style is so Balenciaga now, it’s no longer Nicolas Ghesquière ”
For any designer/artist loosing yourself to your label is never a good thing and Nicolas was smart to realize that before it was too late.

One of my favorite collections from Balenciaga was back in 2006. The gorgeous peplums, extravagant detailing and sensational tailoring throughout the collection pushed viewers out of their comfort zone and into couture bliss. It was evident that Nicolas had an itch for the late 1800’s in Europe and was eager to show off his talent. As you may not know Nicolas is a self-taught designer. After interning with Jean-Paul Gaultier and Agnes B. the designer went on to design some of the most exquisite collections of the 21st century. In 2007, Nicolas Ghesquière had established himself among fashion’s elite, including Anna Wintour editor-in-chief of Vogue (USA.)

After a 5 year tenure with Balenciaga, Nicolas stepped down leaving the company without a creative director. It was shocking and sad for the fashion world, but as soon as we were made aware that Alexander Wang was his successor we knew the design house was in fantastic hands.

            Best of luck Nicolas Ghesquière, we are excited to see where you go next! 
Alexander Wang for Balenciaga 2013

x - the Collector

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