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I remember my first traveling experience -well my second actually. My mother was wearing a horrendous neon purple track suit, my father in zip-off khaki pants, and I was in soccer shorts and a t shirt. Stylistically speaking we all looked hideous, but have no fear, fashion for me was NOT a big deal so the way I looked when I traveled didn't matter. However, that is no longer the case; last time I flew, I wore a mauve maxi skirt and cozy sweater, not only was I Sartorially satisfactory, but so was my luggage.  Now a days  travel has become less chic. When we take time to watch movies from the 1800's to the 1970's les dames et monsieur were dressed from head to toe in their travel best. We're talking gowns, chic hats and amazing totes. But as we have grown into our culture and have adopted laziness, we have stopped the stylish travel and have applied our sweats instead. Do not fear, we may not be sexy, but our luggage can be; Globe-Trotter is an industry leader in stylish, comfortable and durable luggage that can take you from take off to landing in style. Since 1897, G-T has been the industry standard for high flying fashion. Everyone from Winston Churchill, Queen Elizabeth II and Kate Moss have all been spotted with Globe Trotter by their side. Maybe one day I'll have a beautiful piece of history with me on my future travels, but for now I'll settle with my grass green rolling case and my "Telus" backpack. I mean really if your luggage cost more than your flight I'm not sure I'd be leaving the country any time soon.

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