Wallets out and Bottoms Up


I love everything Vintage; something with a brilliant history and an amazing story is what makes fashion and goods so exciting to me. I could blab all day about 20's couture, but for today i'll be talking about Vintage Liquor.

During 1811 there was a Comet in the sky for 260 days causing perfect wine producing weather. During which time the Grande Armeé was made. The bottle begins at $4,900. Bottoms up?

If you enjoy Champagne the Cognac Courvoiseier Erté Collection is for you. For all 8 bottles the prices comes to a grand total of $46,000 for the case. Only 12,000 of the first 7 bottles were made and 4,000 of the 8th bottle was produced by the Russian deco-artist Erté.

In need of a beautiful imported wine? Try the Wine Chateau d'Yaquem created in 1787. The Chateau d'Yaquem is the worlds most famous estate sweet dessert wine. Retailing at $190,000

Whenever a battle was won, or lost, soldiers of Napoleon Bonaparte's army were given a drop of the 1795 Cognac Brugerolle. It is the last bottle in the world and retails at $220,000 on the worlds wine market.

For me, vintage is life. Age, dust and wrinkles tell stories and helps fill blank pages in the history books. I enjoy a light wine with my cheese, but for me a $40 bottle is stretching it. Maybe one day I'll be gazing at a luxury bottle on Cognac but until then, I'll stick with my cheap wine and brie cheese.

Bottoms up. www.oldliquors.com

x - the Collector

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