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Kate Moss

So many people think that modelling is only for skinny women, and yes it is. Sorry to be blunt, but get over it. Clothing doesn't look the same strolling down the runway as it does on a thicker woman, sorry but it's the truth. Having said that, I am curvy and I have stopped standing in the mirror scrunching my stomach trying to be Kate Moss skinny and have given into my curves and I am doing whatever I can to accentuate them. By no means am I telling you to head to your closest McDicks and eat a Big Mac, NO, be smart about what you eat. Fashion is an industry that requires skinny women to stroll down an endless runway in tight clothing or ravishing dresses and that's just it. To the days where I used to play soccer; if you were stick-thin and really tall, your maneuvers and handling was rubbish and the guarantee that you'd be stepped on was high. So there you go, enjoy your size, live your life and stop sucking in your stomach, instead, eat a salad with chicken, go for a walk and have some fruit. Feel good about the skin your in, and that's the skinny.

She's a ballerina 

She used to do Ballet <- Headlining fashion story 

x - the Collector

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