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I am still tickled pink with the notion that I just had my first "The Devil Wears Prada" moment; a second after my boss arrived, I was off to get Starbucks. As I arrived the company in question asked me what the drink was, and right away after the first word [Triple Grande] was she prompt in answering, "is this for Kelly?"

Don't worry my friends, all is well in the office, in fact, I spent some time tagging and making sure prices were correct on all the merchandise in the showroom. One of my favourite things to do is leaf through clothing in hopes that I stumble upon something that tickles my fancy, and of course I did. As you may remember but many of my favourite items revolve around a loud, crazy print. Many of the collections Kelly carries do as well. I have fallen hopelessly in love with the WREN pin-tucked sheath dress. the Whitney Eve blouse dress, Kova & T Broadway Jumper. Kaine black and white leopard top and Love Zoey structured cardigan. Then later in the afternoon Becca and I went through piles of boxes receiving amazing totes, clutches and bags from Kara Ross NY.

Thanks for coffee [Starbucks] and lunch, [Zoe's] Becca x !
So far all is lovely, fashion is treating me well, but I am exhausted and really ready for a break! Oh Saturday come soon!

x - The Intern


x- the Collector

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