The Curve


Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Amber Rose, Niki Minaje; what do these ladies all have in common? They're all curvaceous,  I love a "full figured" woman showing off her curves, but I like it best when done tastefully. Fashion is a gift, being able to express it in your most beautiful self is the best part. But when style is put in front of you in a constant vulgar manner, it get a bit ridiculous. Being "curvy" is amazing, so why not put forth your most full bodied self.


B. Johnson & N. Minaj

A. Rose

Marilyn M.
Anna Wintour & Niki M.

Kim K.

Amber R.

Marilyn M.

Nicki Minaj Haute Couture

The Queen Bey & Jay -Z

x - the *curvy* Collector !

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