Interns Diaries - day 5


Well today is the day that I wake up, shower, put on make-up (I know right) and head to the office. By now you should know what office I'm referring too. So, I got on the street car, ear phones in and relaxed. Got to the office steamed some clothing, then we had a meeting. I don't know about you, but I'm falling in love; with fashion that is. All the collections in this showroom all have something different to offer; some are full of crazy patterns others are calm and unique, where some are just ballistic. Everywhere you look, this show room is full of amazing clothing and I get to stare and gawk at it all day; how lucky am I!?
Okay, so here are some photo's of my fave fashion along with my steam job!

x - the Intern
Whitney Eve dress
T- string back, for a girl with no formal training Whitney is killing it- this dress is AMAZING ! 

Love Zoey pants
That pattern is so cool, Its calm but energetic! 

Kova & T denim jumper

I really love this jumper. It screams vintage, but the zipper gives it a punk edge! 

I love this top !!! It reminds me of being in a forest in fall. 
Kova & T
I love this camo jacket. It's super masculine and yet its womenswear. Some of you may or may not know, but I LOVE military movies, I am in in love with this jacket!

Levi the Lamb (he's a dog)

My obsession. Kaine.
I own 6 leopard print pieces and this is something that I adore, it's BLACK AND WHITE!
Whitney Eve dress
I love how feminine this dress is. It has a slit down the centre and it flutters when you walk. you look like a butterfly ;) 

Whitney Eve maxi in white

 Whit did this dress in 3 different materials and each of them are stunning! I have been oogling the "athletic" material version
Leather and sued dress from Kova & T
This dress is so adorable. It's daring yet sophisticated! This dress makes me drool, it's wild.

x - the Collector

#HappyFashion !

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