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It's only Monday folks, why does it feel much later in the week? Maybe that's because I don't actually have two days off in a row and I'm constantly going, going, going, but eh, that's the life I choose to live. Taking this internship has been interesting; not only have I come in contact with amazing fabrics, fashion and design, but I've also encountered a part of the "fashion world" I had no idea about. In our show room we help distribute for clients as well as produce clothing for photo shoots. I know that probably doesn't make sense, but I'll do my best to explain. We have a show room that holds Whitney Eve, Wren, Love Zoey, Kova & T, and Kain; when customers are in need of some pieces for a photo shoot, the come to us where we lend them some of our clothing. We also send "look books" of the collections to various boutiques and shops in Toronto, and they send us back with their order. There is a lot to be done and little time to learn, but one things I am blessed with is to the ability to "watch and learn."

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x - the Collector

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