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Those of you who know me best know that I LOVE to eat. Where is the one place you will find me, in the kitchen, cooking, creating and devouring. One thing you might not know is that I hate crappy food (pardon my French) but honestly, when you go to a restaurant and pay good money, I expect my food to taste delicious.

This evening a friend of mine went to an Italian restaurant called 7 Number, not only was the service terrible, but the food was so boring and plain. Sure it was hot, but meh, it was deadly dull. The drinks (sangria) was boring, the calamari was bland and the lasagna was tomato sauce with a few noodles and some veal. If I had to give the restaurant a letter grade it would get a D. D for Dull, D for disheartening and D for disappointing.

Eating is one of life's pleasures and when that's stricken from you by lack of salt and imagination; the whole evening is ruined. Growing up my parents rarely took me to fancy restaurants  as a matter of fact, I knew most of the staff at Wendy's in Kamloops, but regardless, we went every Sunday because we could rely on the good food. At a very young age, I went to ABC Restaurant for my sisters birthday and had my first memorable moment with poor eating. I never grew up with a gourmet chef in the house, as a matter of fact, Honey Nut Cherios or Chef Boyardee was as grand it was going to get in my part of the hood. But never the less, I knew how to eat. My father taught me that bread with a little butter was how to mop up any mess, including the disasters I left on the sofa or my trousers. If food is good, don't waist it!

Hope you're hungry ! 
Bon Appetite 

x - the *food* Collector

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