A few months ago I went to a great sausage and beer house here in Toronto called Wvrst, and that particular night they were celebrating Movember by having a beer and h.dogs. Upon arrival I purchased my $15 ticket and with that got to sample three beers and one sausage of my choice. 

Audrey Hepburn Belgian IPA - GOOD!
Karma Cirtra American Ale- Excellent
Vanilla Bean Expresso Imperial Stout- bitter and strong! :(
Maverick and Goose Traditional Ale- Hoppy and delicious!
Chorizo Sausage with fried onions and jalapenõ's

As you can tell, I choose the beer do to their names and not necessarily for their craftsmanship.  I had a great time socializing, and even got to bring home my own Movember stash! Wahoo!
Proceeds went to helping men fight prostate cancer.

Beer is great with Friends ! 

Food, beer, friends ! 


Kama and Audrey


x -the *beer* Collector

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