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I was just watching the Burberry Autumn/Winter collection and I was blown away. Burberry always seems to amaze me, but this season Christopher Bailey stepped up the game and made me realize just how amazing of a designer he really is. This season carried a lot of facades, first we were falling in love with heart motifs, then we were on a safari, then we shot back to Knights at the Round Table then back to the tribes of Africa.
In a collection we need to see diversity, if we are stuck on a merry-go-round we get bored and look for something new, with Burberry we were pleasantly surprised all the way through. So many different ideas and colors in this collection, browns, reds, black, and deep hues, for the cooler weathers it's nice to have a little color but not stick out obnoxiously and that's just what this collection did. Cheers to Christopher Bailey for a superb season, I am so excited to see street style incorporating the Burberry's Prorsum Autumn/Winter 2013 collection into everyday looks.

x- the *Burberry* Collector
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