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March 27 11:15am
Well ladies and gentlemen here I am. Sitting in the office of the lovely Kelly Claman with her adorable dog Sergent, who by the way adores me [the dog]! Landing this internship is huge and although not paid, the fashion that I get to deal with and the people I will be meeting will open doors! Well, my fellow fashion people I never dreamed that I would be swimming in a sea of Whitney Eve clothing or Wren or even Love Zoey. All the designers in the show room are dazzling and inspiring and maybe, just maybe i'll get to take a sweater or dress home with me! Sure as an intern we get handed a lot of goodies, but usually of food and cheap beverage's, never would I imagine it to be couture, but I'm going to do my best to impress and impress I sha'll. Anyway, off to a meeting, talk to you Monday!

Love the Intern.

The Whitney Eve skirt I am DYING for ! Gush !

Red Snake Skin Clutch ! giddy !

Starbucks, Mac, Blackberry ! I am fully loaded! Miroslava Duma on my Tumblr

x - the Collector / Intern at Kelly Claman co.

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