Sunshiny Days


Sunglasses are essential for spring and summer. For 2013, the bigger the better is the moto. So, for this season, round, loud, big and gaudy is the new style, so do it. Most of us in the real world can't afford the $400 dollar shades or the Prada sunglasses, but we can settle for equally as fabulous for a fraction of the price, and that, my friends, is just fine by me.

A big question that I get asked is; "what's in style?"
Well, being in style has nothing to do with what others think, it's all personal choice, I can only point you in the direction that I think you should be heading, the rest is up to you. For myself, I have an oval shaped face so I tend to wear things that carry a similar shape, however I do own a pair of round sunglasses that make me giddy, so I wear them a lot. But Egg shaped sunnies tend to do me well, but for yourself, choosing a sunglass that makes you feel lavish is difficult.

The bigger, the brighter, the BETTER !
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x - the Collector

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