Q&A: Dear Brenda


Q: I want to wear patterned pants this summer, but I don't know how! Teach me!

A: Welcome to the world of print, something that I happen to know a lot about. Two things I tend to do on my days off; [1] treat myself to a day in the spot light. [2] Wear something crazy and over the top. When you're going with a bold pant, make sure at least one color matches the print in the pant. So choose a color in your pants and match it to another color in your closet. The key to this is how bold do you want to go. If there's purple in the bottom, put a similar purple on the top <>

See how there's purple and yellow in both the bottom and the top. Yeah I know this is an outfit, I gathered, but it's print on print. Floral on floral. Also her accessories match her ensemble.
It's stunning !

Take a look at the next photos and get inspired to use your clothing to make a statement!

Whatever you do, don't tell yourself that you can't! Yes you can. Be Brave! 
HappyFashion x

x- the Collector

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