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On March 16th, Toronto Loves Kicks hosted an event featuring artists from Ontario at the Bata Shoe Museum. Each contestant was given a sneaker at the beginning of the evening and had only 20mins to design on the shoe. At the end of each round, friends, family and guests were able to vote on their favourite kick.

Lucky for me I got to be apart of the #SDP2, and was given the opportunity to be the designated social media guru for the evening. Taking down minute by minute action and making sure Toronto and people at the venue were up to snuff on their designer. You could have called me the Twitter MC.
While the drawing was taking place, I took some time to mingle around the Bata Shoe Museum and stumbled upon some amazing footwear from every area.
If you've ever been to Toronto's Shoe Museum, you would know that they have shoes from the very first Homosapien age, The Chinese Dynasty, Manolo Blahnik, Etta James, Terry Fox and Shaquille O'neal. You name the shoe, they have either had it or have it! The place is a goldmine of inspiration and legends, it was the perfect host for such a momentous event in Toronto. 

The Original Moon Boot

BIG shoe

Elton John

Shaken not stirred. 

Peace. Dali Lama 

It was an absolute privilege to be apart of ' s Kicks event at the Bata Shoe Museum here in beautiful Toronto Ontario.

x- the *Sneaker* Collector

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