Hitting the big J when it comes to S


Making the best-dressed list is equivalent to hitting the jackpot. The joys and thrills that accompany fashion can only be explained in euphoric splendour  and what better way than wearing something stylishly fabulous. In order for one to reach heights of fashion wonder, one must be fully saturated in style, those who regularly hit the jackpot are those who understand and grasp who and what fashion is.

Elle and Dakota Fanning are regulars on the fashion top charts, how; by seeking wisdom from their elders and being studious in their research. At young ages, these two women have decided upon themselves that having style was going to be a part of their youth. From early childhood Elle began reading about and watching fashion shows in order to fully immerse herself in all things style. On the red carpet, you will find Elle in anything from Marc Jacobs, to Rodarte, Celiné and Chanel, this brilliant young woman has a full grasp on style by examining magazines and blogs like a doctor to their patient. Dakota has similar fervor to that of her sister’s; however, Dakota is more relaxed and sentimental with her creations. Ms. Fanning does what she can in order to keep up with her style, including going to fashion weeks globally, to help keep the spark alive.

One of my personal favorite fashion queens is Rihanna. Her style carries from her hair to her shoes and everywhere in between, including body art. Rihanna comes from the Barbados and us Caribbean women love to keep people guessing. We love color and expressing ourselves through daring garments and with Rihanna there is never a dull moment or a boring ensemble.

Fashion crazy women who tend to hit the best-dressed lists are women such as Diane Kruger, whose slender figure and “legs for day’s” make her an eager candidate. Kristen Stewart, who never ceases to surprise us with her fashion choices, I am constantly surprised to see her in Jean Paul Gauliter to Haider Ackermen, she always seems like the tuques and t-shirt from Urban Outfitters type girl. The Olsen twins are always popping up on billboards for their dress and after opening two lines; The Row and Elizabeth & James, these two take their grunge chic and have made it a trademark. Also Emma Stone has been constantly noticed for her brave fashion endeavors and has taken style into her own, well manicured, hands.

These celebrity women are constantly hitting global charts and have made it a point to create a name for themselves. Weither they’re fashion designers or graduating high school; these Hollywood divas are buying style lottery tickets in hopes of hitting next month’s fashion jackpot. In order to reach style splendor, one must analyze designs and grasp what fashion is. The blissful, joyous emotion that accompanies looking stylish is something that one must see to believe.

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