Dear Stuart


Q: Fashion no, no's for men. 
A: There are many, where to begin. Okay, instead of listing all the fashion no, no's maybe I should just say what my pet peeves are, I'm sure many women can agree with my list. 

- Low rider pants. If your pants are made for your waist, that is where they should sit.
-Chains. If your chain hits your belly button, it's too long.
-A grown man dressed like a child. It was time to grown up when you turned 20, dress to impress and impress you shall
-Short pants. If you can afford the suit, make sure it fits and is well tailored.
-White socks. Dear gentlemen, your socks must match either your shoe, or your pants, or have an excellent reason behind the color choice.
-Wife beaters. Yes lad's there is a difference between a wife beater and a tank top. Think Malibu beach for one and a trailer park for the other.
-Poorly tied ties, OH, how it pains me to say this, but wearing a tie or bow-tie is a privilege  please, by all means, wear it properly.

Q: Where too, and not to purchase clothing.
A: This one isn't that easy to answer. I can't tell you where to shop, it's all about personal choice. But I can tell you great places to buy denim. 

A great place to purchase weekend denim is;
-Levi's -excellent quality
-Bootlegger. -good price
-Cheap Monday - textured denim
-Club Monaco -great for colored denim
-7 for All Mankind
-Naked and Famous

Try a fitted jean dark denim skinny jean.
When you're simply shopping for clothing, walk into a store that's age appropriate. Walking into an Etnies store when you're in your mid 20's is sad. It's time to grow up and dress properly.

Q: How to create personal style
A: Creating personal style is one of the hardest things you'll do; fashion wise. Your personal style, ideally stems from the things that spark your interest. I grew up around vintage boutiques and thrift shops, and my heritage plays a lot into what I wear. Choosing what "looks good on you" is difficult. For most men, they're shoved into a position where suits and neck-ties are their only option, others wear cowboy boots, and some wear sneakers. So creating your personal look is something one must put under a microscope.

If you like rock and roll, and the idea of wearing your hair down to your shoulders eggs you on, then research others who enjoy what you do. For instance, try a fitted denim jacket and a pair of dark denim jeans with a toque on top with a pattern dress shirt.

Peoples style reflects there music, movie, and lifestyle. Thinking of the situations that you're given helps to choose an outfit. If I'm going to an event where I'm standing around all day, I won't wear high heels, I'll wear cute boots. If you're a lumber jack and you're in a business suit, it doesn't fit the bill. Surrounding play a huge roll in daily fashion choices.

x - the Collector

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