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When in doubt; Kiss and pout! 

Q: Lipstick pigments for different skin tones. For a pale girl like me, how to no look like a vampire wearing lipstick. 

Well this season on the runway is all about the new spring color. Although there is no such thing as a "new spring color" we do have the old colors to use, and they're just as good. For spring summer, it'a about the berries. Some women can handle the intense deep reds, or the cotton candy pinks, but others look washed out and awkward if the color isn't done right. 
A hint to wearing lipstick with pale skin is to avoid wearing lipsticks with gloss in them. You want your lips to look lush and delightful, but you also need to stick with something realistic. Also choose a lipstick that make sense with your skin tone. Deep hue on pale skin looks good, but must be done REALLY well. 

Tricks to choosing color;
-stick with a color that compliments your ensemble.
-Use a brush when applying; straight from the tube isn't as precise. 
-wear lipstick and blush if nothing else. 
-experiment with color in front of a mirror.

How To apply;
-PREP your lips. use a gentle warm cloth on your lips and wipe your lips to remove the dead skin cells. 
-apply a thin layer of lip chap and let that soak in.
-APPLY a light line of lip liner, the same color as the lipstick, this isn't the 60's!
-APPLY lipstick with a brush, start on the bottom lip and work from middle to corner. 
-DON'T forget the corners of your mouth and the inside of your lip.
-When you're happy with the result, smooch lips together
-Blot the excess 

Good Luck.

x- the Collector

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