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Vintage Valentino 1984

How weird is it to think that we’re heading into spring summer in the fashion world? We haven’t even finished shovelling the snow outside and we’re already anticipating what we’re going to wear on July 1st. Oh how strange the fashion world is. Needless to say, I am so excited! Not only has spring summer 2013 received an overhaul, but the style is also more chic and interesting than last summer.

I love talking about what's going on in the fashion world, as you can tell. However, there are some things I am tired of seeing; The same bell skirts, makeshift dresses and denim for the skinny. Once you leave New York or Paris fashion week and go to the smaller city fashion weeks we get into the same repetitive creations year in and year out. We call "ox blood" the new colour when it was  "deep red" last season, what's in a name? 

Being creative in this day and age is like ridding a bike, at first its new and you struggle, and need assistance. Once you have a hang of it the training wheels are removed and your set free, the wheels are spinning and the only direction you're ever heading is straight. So now what? 

Dior Spring Summer 2013

Reinventing and establishing a label is what fashion is. What Raf Simmons has done for the new Dior line was nothing short of breath taking. I believe I would have fainted seeing the first model walk up the stairs in that beautiful couture gown. When we move over to labels like Joe Fresh, everything, including the tailoring is ABC (Already been created) Nothing is new, a change in colour does not change the gown, it only changes what we can wear with it. Labels that are mass produced are snore worthy and uninventive. Mass production is killing our fashion. 

There was a time when only couture existed and only the prestigious were in it. With boutiques and nation wide stores like Forever 21 and Zara, we're able to purchase high volume gear for the fraction of the price. As great as that sounds, we're being pushed over in another way. The tailoring and clothing production has gone from luxury, to coast margins and consumers are suffering. There was a time when you could wear a shirt for 10 years and still be in love with it. 

Now we have shirts for months and they have washer/dryer holes and hangs awkwardly, where did we go wrong. Consumerism and high fashion labels are becoming such a high market that material and creativity is suffering. It's pathetic and worthy of a tear. 

Fashion has taken a turn for the worst, and I am not the first to notice. Flimsy, wear-twice materials have become the "in thing" and we've lost our touch for thick, heavy well tailored garments. A way to solve your holy t-shirt and stretched out pants problem is to shop boutique, thrift and high-fashion labels. 

Sure wearing a last season Pink Tartan might not be your thing, however, it may last long enough to come back around again next year. Clothing is NOT what it used to be, wheels are turning, but on a stationary bike; they're doing the work, burning the calories, but standing still. 

With spring summer just around the corner, sort of, it's time to ask Santa for some help. All I want for Christmas is a great consumer label that outlasts a week at bible camp, is that so much to ask?

x - the *material* collector

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