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A lot of people love Valentines day. As I 
child you give out V-day cards to everyone -including the evil girl, but now that we're older, we sadly don't get cards from everyone. I have honestly never had a Valentine, but nor really have I wanted one; there is such a cliche around the whole idea. Maybe when you're batting for the couples team things are different and you've been struck by Cupid's arrow, but frankly it's Hallmark who comes out on top. I am a huge advocate for people falling in love and finding "the one" but for myself- it's not in the cards and I don't have time. I wish my parents would arrange my marriage and be done with it. Trying to find "the one" seems like more of a conquest and as the divorce rate continue to escalate I believe once you've gotten over the "hunnie moon" things don't always swim, but who am I to say. Year after year loved ones flock to their florist  card shop and candy store and purchase extreme amounts of goodies all for one day- I mean its the same as Christmas, but the infatuation with said goodies, lasts longer than an evening. Shakespeare had it right with Romeo and Juliet their love lasted to the grave. With Taming of the Shrew it took Kat months to fall in love with what's his name but no one is keeping score. I miss being a child, receiving Valentines from all the cute guys, now I'll be lucky if a guy looks my way, oh how time flies. Happy V-day and I'm glad you found your loved one, for us singletons bottoms up

x -the <3 Collector 
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