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Recently went to see a movie with a good friend of mine and well, to be honest with you, it wasn't all that great. The acting was normal but not outstanding, the plot line was blah and the over all content of the movie was just average. Ladies and gentlemen, I watched "Gangster Squad." Yes the one with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, but really, such a typical movie. The best part about it was the visual effects and the guns. I really enjoyed the 1960's vibe of the movie, but it was all very mundane.  The film had some comedy in it, but it was obvious, there was crazy gunmen red neck, the "up hold the law" black man with his underground connections(Anthony Mackie), the "drive the get away car, Mexican" and the nerdy tech man with the young son, the lead was played by Josh Brolin with a pregnant wife. The romance between Goslin and Stone was boring, no sexual tension and the costuming was flat. Over all I give this movie a 5/10, truth be told, it's defiantly not in my top ten.
Sean Penn, the villain

Stone and Goslin

Josh Brolin and Ryan G
x - the Collector

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