The Fearless


Ulyana Sergeenko
I have never met anyone with such vigour for couture. Ulyana isn't yet a household name, but best be sure the sartorial world is well aware of her presence  She's a walking haute couture collection, Ulyana carries a glamours 1950's babushka style with a flare for the extreme and brilliant. Her colour complex ranges from lace florals to matte tule, she's a fearless couturier with an fashion obsession.

Nick Wooster
With grey hair and freshly polished shoes Nick Wooster is taking every opportunity to dress America. Nick is the creative director at JCPenny, but before that he was a fashion icon to many men. Don't get me wrong, he is still defiantly a mens style icon. Nick is a handsome gentlemen with sophisticated sartorial swag and a knack for accessorizing and suing colour to exude professionalism and demure.

x -the Collector

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