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I used to be one of those girls who didn't give a damn about what she wore at any point in time. Leggings and an old tee was a way of living. I used to wear a pair of "Punch Buggy" slippers around my high school with my hair in a massive bun and an ugly sweater and I didn't give two shakes what anyone thought of me. Now that I look back on those times I am glad my style revolved around what wasn't wrinkly and less about what was in style. The best thing about your high school years is that you have the opportunity to not care about how you dress, but now that you're getting closer to landing your career and spouse, heading to the grocery store in your PJ's isn't appropriate. My rule for dressing in the morning is; "if my future husband saw me." Course that won't work for straight men, but for the rest of us, think about it .... (I know you're thinking!) But seriously, what if they did, yeah, I know they should love you for who you are, but you don't love someone until you've gotten to know them. Don't get me wrong, don't go out in a ball gown, although I did go to Save On in my grad dress, but really, how many people would do that, I'm a special breed. So, here is what I am saying, stop being lazy with your fashion, just pull on a pair of jeans, a cute cardigan and a pair of boots, you don't need to look like you're going to the Oscars, just look decent, it wouldn't hurt!
Pre-grad hangout with my rents

Regular outfit at school

butch in Mexico

Gucci Queen in Vintage

,  and   at  

 from Real HouseWives of Vancouver and @ChapmanCollects 

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