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Today I decided to trek up the other end of Queen St, just passed the car dealerships and restaurants. I have been eyeing this section of Toronto for quite some time and at last decided to do a post on a beautiful Toronto boutique with house made garments.

Bergström, is a beautiful store nestled just shy of the bridge and within minutes I was engrossed in a lovely conversation with the owner and designer Christina Bergstörm. Before she found her niche for design, Christina was a civil engineer, but quickly changed trades to become a designer. With a flare for Victorian, modern and retro prints,  she's taken her flare for fabrics and created mesmerizing collections each season.

So much of the time we purchase clothing made in foreign countries, but this collection is made here in Toronto and specializes in the customer. So trek up to 781 Queen St. East and shop a local designer; she's been encouraged by centuries of fashion and a lifetime of colour.

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