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Dalia MacPhee is a gown designer, but not just your typical Forever 21 or H&M creator, Dalia makes sensational evening wear and cocktail dresses for many of Hollywood’s elite. Her use of clean lines, brilliant materials and modern technology helps her to make extraordinary garments for both the red carpet and high-class social events.

“My goal is that every time a woman purchases an item, a less fortunate woman somewhere around the world is being helped.” – Dalia MacPhee

Olivia Munn
Dalia is a Vancouver native who grew up with a love of fashion and business. Early on she realized that these interests would work well together.  Dalia has embraced her talents and is pursuing her dreams. When it comes to creating gowns, Dalia puts the world before herself; presenting only silk free garments that have been created without harm to animals. A portion of the profit from every item sold is donated to help women around the world. Her love for helping the less fortunate is where Dalia takes the upper hand in the design world; Dalia has dressed high profile models, actors and sports players for their special events.

For fall winter 2012, Dalia featured plenty of vivid colors as well as creative textures. Many of her dresses carried ruffles, layers and elegant hemlines. There was a wide variety of  creations; some short, others long, some fit for the Oscars others for ballrooms and some for a pristine social lounge. Navy blue, black, and deep berries were the color pallets for last season; it was a perfect mixture of brilliant couture and modern deep hues.  What sets Dalia apart from other fashion houses is that many of her gowns are vegan. Don’t let that furrow your brow, they aren’t made of potatoes sacks –although I’m sure they would look sensational; rather she uses materials that do not harm to the planet.

Dalia hit the gown jackpot and is now dressing celebrities and socialites alike. Cast members from Glee, Disney Pop Stars and tennis champions; Hilary Duff, Serena Williams, Amber Riley, Samantha Harris, Alicia Silverstone and Alyssa Milano to name a few. Dalia’s collections have also been featured on the cover of Vogue, InStyle, Marie Claire, Teen Vogue, and many more. Many of Dalia’s collections are bold and carry such a feminine vibe, Hollywood is right in selecting Dalia MacPhee for their red carpet events as well as placing her on a pedestal along with a number of other fabulous designers.

The Vancouver native has created a vibration through the celebrity and socialite relm, many of the top dressers of the world flock to her door to get a sneak peak of Dalia’s latest collection. For this season, Dalia is leaning more towards the vintage era and creating elegant, pastel charm with her flowing fabulous gowns. From a little girl traveling from place to place with her parents, to becoming one of Hollywood’s top red carpet designers and having her sizes range from 0-24, Dalia MacPhee is a force to be reckoned with in the couture world. This season will be filled with old school charm that is bound to have your heart pumping and your eyes glowing with excitement, the only question left is who will wear it best?

Audrina Patridge 

Bitsie Tulloch

Brooke Burke - Dancing with The Stars

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